Some guidelines I have collected over the years from a number of different projects.

Authoring Pull Requests

#1. Keep em small

While learning to use Coroutines and Flow in several different projects (including my own), I noticed some common anti-patterns that tend to arise while coming to terms with structured concurrency and reactive streams. In this article, I will outline how to recognise and refactor four of the most common cases.

Keep your eyes open! A Tarsier I met near Bitung, Sulawesi

1. Using Flow instead of a suspend function


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Using Kotlin’s callbackFlow builder on Android

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  • setOnClickListener
  • addOnCompleteListener
  • addOnScrollListener
  • addUpdateListener

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Some specific tips for designing a technical test for your candidates.

Technical testing guidelines

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Some general tips for interviewing candidates for a dev team position. Particularly for developers who are finding themselves on the other side of the interview table for the first time.

General Interviewing Guidelines

Remember the 7P’s

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Excellent software teams are naturally motivated to protect the quality and value of team membership. All you need to do is leave them to it.

#4 You don’t need to go to classes

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